Coarse graining of biomolecules
and beyond

7 October 2017
  Warsaw, Poland

Venue & Travel

Handouts & technical info

In order to fully benefit from hands on sessions, the participants are advised to read technical information provided below and download handout notes.
  • Filip Leonarski
    RedMDStream: Simulation Toolbox To Automatically Parameterize Coarse-grained Force Fields >>Download<<
    To actively participate in this session, i.e. run RedMDStream yourself, you need to do the following:
    1. Bring a Linux or MacOS X laptop with you.
    2. Download RedMDStream source from here.
    3. Compile RedMDStream according to instructions found in the attached QuickStart.

  • Cezary Czaplewski, Paweł Krupa, Adam Sieradzan
    UNRES, NARES, and SUGRES Coarse-Grained Models - An Introduction >>Download<<
  • Mateusz Dobrychłop
    PyRy3D: a software tool for modelling of large macromolecular complexes >>Download<<